March, 2009

5 Facts on Big Oil’s Campaign Against a Clean Energy Recovery

President Obama has asked Congress to deliver comprehensive energy legislation that invests in clean energy, creates millions of green jobs, cuts our dependence on dirty fossil fuels, and holds energy … Read more

Chicago-Area Universities Collaborate to Promote Bicycling

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is participating in a program to promote bicycling and other alternative transportation modes on campus. By collaborating with the Chicago Department of Transportation … Read more

A Lot to Digest with Composting on Campus

There is a certain waste stream on college and university campuses that can travel two very different paths. One path, which ends at the local landfill, leads to the uncontrolled … Read more

Guest Post: Is Culture Shift Possible?

Students and visitors walking into a residence hall at Oberlin College shouldn’t be surprised to find glowing orbs mounted on walls, changing colors throughout the day. Sound like one of … Read more

Clean Energy From Humans? No Sweat

A light switch can be powered by sun, wind or water, but what about by the sweat of one’s brow? Oregon State University is one of the first universities to … Read more

Help Pass a Wildlife-Friendly Budget!

This week, Congress is discussing the budget resolution, which if passed will provide resources to support programs that protect our air, water, oceans, land and wildlife. In addition to providing … Read more

A ‘Land’mark Victory for Conservation!

Thanks to the tens of thousands of messages many of you helped get to our legislators over the past few weeks, last week Congress passed the Omnibus Public Lands Management … Read more

Rep. Shimkus: Too LITTLE Global Warming Pollution?

Here’s another clip from Wednesday’s House Energy & Commerce Committee hearing on climate change adaptation. Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) had an odd exchange with British aristocrat and famed global warming … Read more

Rep. Barton on Global Warming: Find Some Shade

To listen to Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), you’d think adapting to global warming is as easy as taking off your jacket on an unexpectedly pleasant spring day. [youtube][/youtube] “Adaptation to … Read more

California Study Shows 5 Feet Oceanrise By End Of Century

The ocean is expected to rise nearly 5 feet along California's coastline by the end of this century, hitting San Francisco Bay the hardest of all, according to a new … Read more

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