An Urgent Call to Protect America’s Waterways

Over at Huffington Post, Steve Fleischli says America’s waterways are under attack — and that Congress needs to act:

In Southern California, the battle has taken center stage on the Los Angeles River. Decades ago, the Army Corps paved and, with the assistance of local government, fenced many of the local rivers. Last year the Corps achieved a new low by claiming the Los Angeles River is not a traditional navigable waterway, thus introducing the notion that many of its tributaries – and possibly much of the river itself – are not worthy of protection under federal clean water laws. […]

The truth is, whether we talk about prairie ponds or streams, creeks or lakes, America’s waterways desperately need federal protection. New EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson already has expressed support for congressional action on the issue. Now Congress – as the only entity that can untangle the mess created by the Supreme Court – should make this protection clear by restoring the integrity of the Clean Water Act with passage of S. 787 (Feingold) and reintroduction of H.R. 2421 (Oberstar).

Please take a moment now to ask your Senators to pass the Clean Water Restoration Act!

Published: May 28, 2009