May, 2009

A Different Kind of Solar Power

Very cool story out of California today, where the $3.5 billion National Ignition Facility is set to open. Among its functions – generate energy the same way the sun does: … Read more

An Urgent Call to Protect America’s Waterways

Over at Huffington Post, Steve Fleischli says America’s waterways are under attack — and that Congress needs to act: In Southern California, the battle has taken center stage on the … Read more

In the West it’s Cookin and It Ain’t Good Lookin

In Western states, land is literally being cooked to extract oil. Long avoided due to its intense water and energy demands, industries are starting to look at oil shale development … Read more

Make a Statemant for Public Lands

Covering almost one-third of the nation, America’s public lands are some of the last and best habitat for wildlife. If you’re like me and value the beauty of public lands, … Read more

NRDC’s Destination: Greenland

The Natural Resources Defense Council’s OnEarth magazine is featuring Destination: Greenland, tracking two explorers as they make their way across Greenland’s Humbolt Glacier. The story features a daily diary with … Read more

“The Empress of the Docks”

The Washington Post has a fascinating profile today of a DC naturalist: In the long tradition of American self-reliance — that urge to eschew social conventions for a simpler life … Read more

Turning Trash into Treasure: UNH and MSC to Power Campuses with Methane

Smelly landfills and cow pies hardly look like fuel. Yet these odiferous offenders hide a secret within their stink. Schools such as the University of New Hampshire and Morrisville State … Read more

Faith Offers Its Own Justification for Climate Action on Campus

Among students and faculty at Eastern Nazarene College, the existence of global climate change has long remained in dispute and environmental activism has been largely absent from the small Christian … Read more

Is Online Learning Better for the Planet?

As a way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, online learning may be one of the most unexploited means of achieving a smaller carbon footprint. Though few traditional colleges and universities … Read more

House Passes Clean Energy Legislation

Last evening the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee approved the American Clean Energy and Security Act by a 33 to 25 bipartisan vote. This legislation would establish … Read more