June, 2009

Wild Tweets: Using Twitter to Monitor Wildlife

Since joining Twitter and making connections in the “green” Twitter world, I have heard a lot of people wondering whether the environmental community can focus all of Twitter’s positive energy …

Obama Unveils New Efficiency Rules

As Grist’s Kate Sheppard remembers, then-Sen. Barack Obama once pointed out that we won’t stop global warming through voluntary, individual actions — like changing light bulbs. It will take mandatory, …

Survey Reveals Gaps in Green Purchasing Plans

When Portland Community College (PCC) threw its annual Awards Banquet, the student association did its best to ensure that the party would be green, choosing the venue, caterers, and even …

Students Say “Tap It” for the Good of the Planet

In the midst of a difficult economic climate, at least one school is willing to give up a source of revenue in order to be better stewards of the environment. …

Five Questions: What Impediments Are Slowing the Growth of Renewable…

Plant Power: A Special Report on Biofuels

Remembering Craig Tufts, NWF’s Chief Naturalist

NWF to ACES Supporters: Thank You

Thanks to all the members of the U.S. House who delivered a historic win for climate action last Friday!

Historic Vote for Energy Independence and Wildlife

I’m heartened by this evening’s vote by the House of Representatives to pass the American Clean Energy and Security Act. The bill passed with a 219 to 212 bipartisan vote. …

Liveblogging the ACES Floor Debate

Follow the latest over at Daily Kos!

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