Climate and Energy Bill: June Momentum in Congress

Action on the American Clean Energy & Security Act is heating up as Congress returned from recess and got busy with talks among the leadership. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has given the committees with jurisdiction over parts of the global warming bill a deadline of June 19th to complete work with the goal of having a full House vote before the Independence Day recess that begins on June 27th. 

The Speaker said Ways and Means and Agriculture are the main committees in which the climate and energy legislation may be considered, and that she met with Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) and Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-MN), and is optimistic that Congress will move forward soon.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee recently approved the American Clean Energy and Security Act by a 33 to 25 bipartisan vote. The legislation will establish a new energy policy in the U.S. that avoids continuing dependence on foreign oil and builds a new, domestic clean technology manufacturing base to supply the wind, solar, and other renewable energy. 

“Diverse constituents from across this country—from hunters and anglers to people of faith—have called on Congress to tackle the climate crisis that threatens our natural resources and health,” said Joseph Mendelson, director of global warming policy at National Wildlife Federation.

Published: June 15, 2009