Flat Earth Society Meets in DC

The debate over climate change in America has long since moved past the questions of “Is the planet warming?” (yes) and “Is man-made pollution to blame?” (it is) to “What should we do about it?” (ACES).

But in DC this week, the flat earth society is meeting to try to turn back the clock. The Heartland Institute is hosting yet another event to shift the focus away from climate action and back to the debates of the 1980s. As DeSmogBlog reports, the conference is a who’s who of polluter-funded deniers.

I asked to get press credentials to cover the event here at the National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Promise blog and over at Grist. But Heartland refused.

Fortunately, so far I haven’t seen any evidence DC reporters fell for Heartland’s attempt to confuse the need for climate action.

Published: June 2, 2009