Water Quality as a Way of Life

American bitternHere’s a story for the history books:

In 1983, our government set water planning policies that determined how we create water projects–and they’re still in place today.

But as you and I know, the world has changed. There are more people, more threatened wildlife and wildlife habitats, and we have a better understanding of how we can live in better harmony with nature–and more than a quarter century has passed.

So here’s a new story for the history books.

The White House is considering a new way to look at water. What if instead of choosing water projects based on economics or politics, we required every federal agency to make protecting and restoring the environment a main goal of every water project? What if planning for healthy wetlands, healthy rivers and healthy lakes wasn’t an “environmental issue,” but a way of life?

Think about the places you love– the lake at your local park, the stream that runs through your neighborhood, the ocean you visit on family vacations. Those aren’t “environmental issues.” Those waters are part of your life.

The White House is accepting public comments on this issue for just a few more days. Let them know you think they’re onto a good idea, and ask them to see it through.

P.S. Want to learn a little more? Check out our factsheet (PDF) on what new water policy will mean for America’s wetlands and the wildlife that live there.

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Published: July 16, 2009