Akron, Ohio: Seizing The Climate of Opportunity

NWF   |   August 24, 2009

08-24-09 Akron photos 050The Akron Beacon Journal published this editorial Climate of Opportunity about my recent presentation to 500 business people at the Akron Roundtable.

My thanks go to Fran Buchholzer, a longtime Akron resident and member of National Wildlife Federation’s President’s Advisory Council, who graciously worked with the Akron Roundtable to provide this opportunity.

Once thought of as an “old carbon economy” state due to its dependence on coal, Ohio is now a state poised to realize significant economic opportunity from the clean energy economy. Clean energy jobs grew in the state by 7.3% compared to a 2.2% decline for other jobs between 1998 and 2007. Additional investments in a clean energy economy would mean a net increase of 67,000 jobs.

I was encouraged by the commitment of the Akron business community to seize this moment and make the investments needed to create a clean energy economy for their community and the planet.

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Published: August 24, 2009