NWF Community Habitat Program: Whole Communities For Wildlife!

The National Wildlife Federation’s Community Habitat Program now has 80 communities either certified or in the process and they range in size from small towns of a few thousand to larger communities of close to million residents. Colchester Connecticut, a terrific town of 15,000, is working on certification:

The Day.com reports:

“The National Wildlife Federation works at conserving wildlife across the country, and now their crusade to save and protect habitat includes improving existing open space.  For example, in Colchester a community wide effort has transformed several acres of formerly unproductive suburban turf into flourishing wildlife habitat. In doing so, home owners have beautified their land, increased wildlife, reduced energy consumption and eliminated toxic contaminants.

The crisp clear days of October are ideal for outdoor work and recommended fall planting. In time, as the landscape you planted grows, countless sightings of birds will accumulate. The Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station can help you get started and the National Wildlife Federation will help get you certified.”

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