October, 2009

NWF Shines on Today Show with “Wild Things”

Check out NWF spokesperson Dave Mizejewski on NBC's the Today Show this morning. He brought a cabybara, a beaver, two baby African lions, and more. The animals were squirmy, but … Read more

Highlight of the Week: Sportsmen and Veterans Air Global Warming Concerns

The threat of unchecked global warming has brought some nontraditional groups to the table to demand legislation that cuts carbon pollution and stimulates a clean energy economy. Among them: Iraq … Read more

Economic Message of the Week: Report: Vice President Biden Releases Clean Energy Recovery Report

Vice President Biden joined the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal departments to release a report, Recovery Through Retrofit, detailing efforts to increase clean energy job opportunities and make homes more energy efficient. … Read more

EPA Releases Suppressed Bush-Era Global Warming Findings

An Environmental Protection Agency document buried by the Bush administration because of its corroboration of global warming science surfaced, casting doubts on White House environmental efforts between 2000 and 2008.   … Read more

Global Warming Migration May Create 'Climate Exiles'

The Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD) says the effects of unchecked global warming may create groups of "climate exiles" – migrant communities left homeless by turbulent environmental conditions and unprotected by … Read more

Expert Forecasts Ice-Free Arctic

A leading polar scientist says global warming will leave the Arctic Ocean virtually devoid of ice within 20 years, posing a severe threat to resident wildlife such as seals and polar bears … Read more

Be Part of the (350ppm) Action!

This Saturday, October 24, thousands of communities around the world will be participating in the International Day of Climate Action. Organized by 350.org, the day of action aims to unite … Read more

New Report: Failed Energy Policies Cost Americans $120 Billion a Year

“Energy and climate-change legislation winding through Congress might make economic sense even if you don’t believe for a second in climate change.” The words of some treehugging liberal? Not exactly. … Read more

Pigeon Takes on Eagles

I’m a big football fan, but it’s not often I get to do a football-related post here on Wildlife Promise. Here’s a clip from one of Sunday’s games that featured … Read more

Woolly Bears as Winter Predictors?

A telltale sign of autumn is the appearance of woolly bear caterpillars moving across backyards, sidewalks and roads. These fat, furry caterpillars are looking for safe places to spend the winter. They … Read more