Finding Ways to Train Wind Energy Technicians

A story in the Community College Times notes that creating new training programs for clean energy jobs isn't always an easy path. As budgets tighten, school-to-school collaborations like the one at Laramie Community College for wind training, which also includes students from Delta College and Pueblo Community College, help to ease the strain. 

The story notes, "Given the high start-up costs for wind energy
programs, Schmidt said he thought LCCC’s resources could be more fully
utilized to help other colleges. The collaboration with Delta and PCC,
which have well-established industrial maintenance and engineering
technology programs, is the demonstration test.
Beginning in June 2010, LCCC will offer intense,
month-long wind technology courses to Delta and PCC students. The
students will stay in LCCC dorms and will likely pay out-of-state
tuition, though this is among the details still being worked out by the
colleges. The students’ degree programs will require them to return to
LCCC for a second intense session the following summer."

Michael Schmidt, program director of wind energy technology at LCCC, says that the school's partnership could help to reduce the burden of teaching new curriculum, but adds, "It’s an immature industry. We’re not really sure how things are going to develop over the next several years."