January, 2010

By Larry J. Schweiger Osama bin Laden is a terrorist who has proven by his actions that he has no consideration for human life. He has disqualified himself by his … Read more

Federal Government Moves to Slash Its Emissions & Energy Costs

The White House today revealed details of a plan to slash the federal government’s energy usage. The move is expected to cut the federal government’s global warming pollution 28% by … Read more

Are your business investments at risk from climate change?

By Larry J. Schweiger For those who want to know more about how your business investments will be impacted by climate change, you’ll find interesting that on Wednesday the Securities … Read more

Which Questions Should President Obama Answer?

Following his State of the Union address, President Obama will be taking follow-up questions from citizens on Monday during a live online chat. It’s easy to submit a video question … Read more

Bad news for Lake Superior

Lake Superior is the latest casualty of the federal government's pathetic effort to slow a plague of ship-borne invasive species that is devastating the Great Lakes. The Duluth News-Tribune reports … Read more


How Nature Can Help You Fight the Winter Doldrums

Getting cabin fever from spending too much time indoors lately? Don’t despair. Research shows that regular contact with nature boosts physical and mental health as well as productivity and with … Read more

NWF President: “It’s Time for Political Leadership”

Larry Schweiger, president & CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, submitted a guest post over at the Earth Day Network’s blog with his thoughts on President Obama’s State of the Union address. Read more

Report Shows Tennessee Waters at High Risk of Pollution, Destruction

A new report shows that up to 60 percent of Tennessee’s stream miles and half of its 787,000 remaining acres of wetlands may no longer be protected from pollution and … Read more

New NWF Report Details Climate Change’s Impacts on Winter Weather

The National Wildlife Federation has issued a new report on how climate change is impacting winter weather. Read more

Boy swinging

Finding Time For A Green Hour

Life is full of ironies. In 2007, the National Wildlife Federation launched the Green Hour program, giving parents the tools to make the outdoors part of their children’s daily life. How?  … Read more

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