Mississippi Students Want Cleaner Air and A Brighter Future

02-26-10 Millsaps College Mississippi By Larry J. Schweiger

I had a wonderful time today at Millsaps College in Mississippi talking with about 60 students interested in what they can do to protect their future and create clean energy jobs in Mississippi.

I was glad to hear of their interest and enthusiasm for cleaner air, more economic opportunity, and enhanced national security – all of which America will get with clean energy and climate legislation that Senator Reid has asked for and Senator Kerry has promised to deliver within two weeks. How can we deny them this future?

Next week I’ll have the opportunity to join with many more students from around the country who want the same thing. I’ll be joining the National Climate Seminar hosted by the Bard Center for Environmental Policy on March 3.

With so many youth and others around the country who want cleaner air and a brighter future, I can understand why the co-author of the Dirty Air Act, Senator Lisa Murkowski, seemed awkward when confronted by youth activists from the Consequence Campaign arriving at a fundraiser organized by polluter lobbyists.