Symons: Senate Must Stay Focused on the Future

Jeremy Symons, the National Wildlife Federation’s senior vice president for conservation & education, has a column in today’s Fredericksburg (VA) Free Lance Star putting this winter’s Mid-Atlantic snowstorms into a long-term perspective:

For our kids and grandkids, snowstorms may be the least of their concerns if we fail to act to reduce pollution and invest in clean energy alternatives. Warmer average temperatures could increase concentrations of ground-level ozone, which is known to aggravate respiratory problems such as asthma, especially in children and seniors. Virginia’s incredible diversity of native wildlife–more than 700 species of birds, fish, and animals–will have to adapt to rapid changes in climate and habitat or perish. […]

If corporate polluters succeed, we all lose. We will lose the clean energy race, and those jobs will go to Beijing instead of Virginia. Instead of being good stewards of the environment, we will leave our kids with a dangerous inheritance. Our senators need to stay focused on delivering jobs and clean air to Virginia by passing legislation that limits pollution and unleashes investments in clean energy alternatives.

Have you asked your senators to support strong clean energy& climate legislation in 2010? Take action now!

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Published: February 18, 2010