Thoughts on sustainability, from great leaders

We occasionally do write-ups of the conferences we attend, but we always feel it's better to be there in person. Failing that, videos are a nice second choice. Here's the full recording of a great panel at Furman U, hosted by CE favorite Andy Revkin. Also: George Bandy (Vice President for Sustainability Strategy and Diversity, Interface America); David Hales (President, College of the Atlantic); Nilda Mesa (Assistant Vice President of Environmental Stewardship, Columbia University); David Shi (President, Furman University); and Christine Todd Whitman (former Governor of New Jersey and former E.P.A. Administrator), with each offering unique insight into applying sustainability on campus and beyond:

Greening Our World: Sustainable Colleges, Corporations and Communities from Furman University on Vimeo.

Published: March 26, 2010