Greening Your School with Eco-Schools USA

By Larry J. Schweiger

Spending time outdoors and learning about nature as a child was instrumental for me in developing my passion for the natural world. Since November 1, 2009 National Wildlife Federation has helped 80,000 youth connect with the natural world and build their own conservation interests through our Eco-Schools USA program. Through this program 185 schools have developed programs on energy and water conservation, waste recycling, school grounds greening and more.

Given that the typical child today spends more than seven hours in front of a screen and less than four minutes outdoors in instructured play, Eco-Schools is an important way to help kids better understand the natural world and foster a love of nature which will be essential for tomorrow’s conservation leaders. If you would like to help green a school for a child in your life and build the next generation of conservationists, go to