Water Projects for Wildlife

Know what you can do to help this white pelican?


Anytime the government decides to build a levy, a dam, or other similar projects, they follow 25 year-old principles and guidelines that don’t prioritize the environment. Unfortunately these guidelines have produced a generation’s worth of projects that jeopardized aquatic ecosystems and wildlife habitat.

Following these guidelines, the government approves projects that drain wetlands, redirect rivers and streams, and put American wildlife at risk. But for the first time since 1983, the government has proposed new guidelines. But these new guidelines still don’t require that water projects protect and restore the environment. They’re asking for input from you.

If you speak up now, you can change the future for populations of fish, birds and aquatic mammals.

A more environmentally-responsible policy doesn’t just make sense for wildlife. The more we alter our landscape, the more we put our communities at risk of extreme floods and droughts. Our government should support projects that protect existing floodplains, waterways and nature’s built-in defenses against extreme weather. It’s no myth that what’s good for wildlife is good for people.

As the federal government updates its rules and regulations, it’s asking for input from you.

What are your priorities? Let your officials know you support water projects to protect the white pelican, and the health of your local community.

For more information, visit the Corps Reform Network.

Published: March 8, 2010