Welcome To Miami – Launching The Greenforce Initiative


This weekend, the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) meeting welcomed students, more than 100 college and university presidents, and national youth organizations at the University of Miami.

The annual meeting—the third of its kind—brings leaders together to create and implement Commitments to Action across various global challenge areas.

Education, Environment, Employment

The United States must address climate change and rebuild the American economy with a high quality workforce. To conquer these challenges, NWF has formed a partnership with Jobs for the Future (JFF), made possible by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. The result of this partnership is the The Greenforce Initiative, launched and highlighted at Saturday’s plenary session in Miami.

What is the Greenforce Initiative?

The Greenforce Initiative will strengthen the capacity of community colleges to implement or refine high quality green pathway programs. This commitment builds upon the combined experience of NWF and JFF in environmental sustainability and workforce development, and will provide high-quality assistance to community colleges in targeted regions of the U.S.

Greening the Meeting

CGI ensured that sustainable practices were implemented in all stages of the 2010 meeting, including composting, use of materials printed on Forest Stewardship Council-certified recycled paper, and collaboration with food and supply vendors with high environmental standards.

To read more about the Greenforce Initiative, check out the fact sheet or visit greenforceinitiative.org. Stay tuned later this spring for more details and the development of this partnership!

April 2010 101

Photo credit: Lisa Madry (NWF, far right) in Miami with (L-R) Gloria Mwase (JFF), Maria Alonso (Bank of America), Donna Shalala (University of Miami).