Administration’s Rush to Dirty Fuels Puts More Wildlife at Risk

As ugly images emerge from the Gulf Coast of wildlife oiled and dying from BP’s gigantic spill, the Obama Administration is rushing to build a pipeline to funnel an even dirtier fuel, known as tar sands, via a massive pipeline. The pipeline, known as Keystone XL will cut through six states to deliver the crude from Canada to the Gulf.

Why the rush and the risk as they struggle to cap the Gulf gusher?  In 2008, 1,600 ducks drowned in toxic tailing ponds created to produce dirty tar sands oil. That will just be the start unless the pipeline is stopped. You can help. The State Department is currently taking public comments and they need to hear from you.

Visit NWF’s action page and tell the State Department that enough wildlife has been harmed and it’s time for safer energy alternatives.