Football & Fashion: Two Companies Tackle Gulf Restoration

NWF's Maura Wood Accepts EA Sports Donation

Between years of neglect, Katrina’s devastation & the Gulf oil disaster, there’s plenty of heartache in working to restore coastal Louisiana. But there ain’t a lotta glory. That’s why it was so great to see National Wildlife Federation Coastal Louisiana Organizer Maura Wood on stage with former NFL stars in New Orleans, accepting a $100,000 donation to NWF’s Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund from video game maker EA Sports.

The players included Hall of Famer Marcus Allen, former New Orleans Saints stars Bobby Hebert & Deuce McAllister, and Colts & Rams legend Marshall Faulk. And Maura wasn’t the only one who got a well-deserved reward — all of the players signed a football for the nephew of NWF staffer Chris Pulaski (you may remember Chris from marsh flyover). As you can imagine, Chris’ nephew was on cloud nine all day. I hear one of our staffers got to try on a Super Bowl ring. They look giant on the hands of NWF players, imagine how they look on an average person’s hand?

OK, so maybe you’re less gridiron and more ironing board. More interested in fashion than football? Check this out — Perry Ellis will recognize NWF’s Gulf Coast restoration work at its September 13 fashion show at New York’s Lincoln Center.

And thanks to Perry Ellis, you can help raise money for NWF’s Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund with a click of your mouse. Perry Ellis will donate $1 to the fund (up to $10,000) for every person who becomes a fan of Perry Ellis’ Project Beach on Facebook.

Published: August 9, 2010