This Just In: More Oil Ashore in Louisiana

According Bob Marshall of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, a new wave of oil came ashore in Louisiana over the weekend, coating 16 miles of beaches:

“It’s just suddenly came up Friday and it’s along the beach for miles and miles, and drifting inside in some spots,” [fishing boat captain Ryan] Lambert said. “There were quite a few dead red fish on the beach, and just thousands of dead pogies (menhaden) inside the bays. And there a really big areas of sheen right off the beach.

“Everyone thinks this is over, but it’s not – not if we can still get soakings like this.”

On the heels of this weekend’s NPR report that scientists have found a thick layer of oil on the sea floor around the gusher, it’s yet another reminder that the Gulf’s communities & coastal habitats will be dealing with oil for a long time to come.

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Published: September 13, 2010