Celebrate 10/10/10 in Your Community

NWF   |   October 8, 2010


Traditionally, working on Sundays isn’t in my vocabulary.  I drink my coffee and read my emails in bed — going for jog or a walk is the most work I do.  But this coming Sunday, October 10th is the exception to my rule.

On 10/10/10, 350.org is sponsoring more than just a day of working — they are throwing the biggest “Global Work Party” of the year.  In an effort to send a powerful message to world leaders that people everywhere are ready to tackle global warming, 350.org is capturing stories, videos and pictures of communities taking simple steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

“The goal of the day (10/10/10) is not to solve the climate crisis one project at a time, but to send a pointed political message: if we can get to work, you can get to work too — on the legislation and the treaties that will make all our work [on climate change] easier in the long run,” said Bill McKibben of the 350.org team.

The options are endless for this global day of action: host a ‘fix-up your bike’ party, plant a tree, use public transportation for the day, give out flyers/brochures about the benefits of commuting, help clean-up a public walking trail, or attend a local rally.

So far, nearly 6,800 events in 188 countries have been registered as part of Global Work Party, and with only two days left until 10/10/10, the real question is: what will you do for your community?  Search for an event near you on 350.org or sign up to lead your own. 

This October 10th, join me in taking a break from lazy Sundays and raise your voice with the rest of the world for much needed action on global warming.