New Law: Big Win for Wildlife around the Globe!

NWF   |   October 14, 2010

As wildlife enthusiasts, it can be challenging to support all the animals across the globe that we care about: elephants, apes, turtles, rhinos and tigers – just to name a few.  But as part of a law passed on October 2, supporting some of your favorite “wild” creatures could soon cost you nothing more than $.44 at a time.

Earlier this month, the Multinational Species Fund Semipostal Stamp Act (H.R. 1454) was signed into law, which ensures that a special, premium priced U.S. Postal Stamp will directly contribute to funding projects supported by the Multinational Species Conservation Funds (MSCF).

The MSCF program supports the conservation of many of the world’s most charismatic species, and despite its modest size, the program has broad-based support, including from more than 20 million members of the Multinational Species Coalition. 

While the new “wildlife-friendly” stamps have not yet been published, they will depict highly imperiled species such as tigers, African and Asian elephants, rhinoceros, great apes or marine turtles, offering a convenient way for the public to support conservation projects. They will be sold at U.S. post offices nationwide, as well as at institutions like zoos and aquariums, for a minimum of five years.

So, be sure to keep an eye out for these wild stamps at a post office near you and to decorate your letters with a stamp that supports “Lions and Tigers and Bears,” because conserving these species just got easier—“Oh my!”

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Published: October 14, 2010