Scary Idea: BP Apologist Calling Shots on Energy & Climate

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), named a Big Oil All-Star by NWF

You remember when House Energy & Commerce Committee Ranking Member Joe Barton infamously apologized to BP? Rep. Barton told since-ousted CEO Tony Hayward it was a government “shakedown” that led to the creation of the $20 billion dollar fund that pays economic damages to individuals & businesses affected by the Gulf oil disaster. The apology earned Rep. Barton a spot on NWF’s Big Oil All-Star Team.

Well, now Rep. Barton is telling Politico, “I don’t see any negative consequences from [the apology] at all.” So remorseless is Barton over his original remorse that he is now seeking a waiver from Republican Caucus rules that term-limit chairman or Ranking Members for six years. Yes, Rep. Barton is so emboldened by the House Republicans’ election prospects, he’s already making plans for an end run around the rules so he can become chairman again.

It might be amusing to see who else Rep. Barton might apologize to. Maybe Massey Energy for all the pesky government investigations into the coal mine tragedy that killed 29 miners?

But the prospect of Barton with the gavel in his hands calling the shots on energy & climate issues is downright frightening. Hopefully, the House Republican leadership will reject his request and Barton will apologize to, well, all of us for a Halloween scare.