broad-headed skink on tree snag
Broad-headed skink on tree snag

At the beginning of November, my friend Debi of Go Explore Nature posted this update on her Facebook page:

“I’m thankful for nature’s many splendors all year long, but the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday encourages a little more thoughtfulness. This month, I’ll be sharing some of the many reasons I am thankful for the time I spend with my kids exploring nature. I hope you’ll join in!”

I’ve enjoyed reading her daily reflections and appreciate the reminder to count the blessings in my own world. Here are a few:

I’m thankful my yard and the woodland it borders support local wildlife such as this broad-headed skink (left) and other once new-to-me species. It’s nice getting acquainted with these animal visitors, for such gives me the opportunity to nurture my sense of wonder and that of my kids. Make your garden a home.

I’m thankful for the American goldfinches that captivate my neighbor. He said he wouldn’t have stopped to admire them had he not spent time bird-watching with my family. Take time to share nature’s wonders and your fondness for them. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

I’m thankful for my son, who calls regular “bug club meetings”—backyard explorations focused on the wee critters of our habitat. We tune in to insects, as well as one another. Disconnect from electronic media, step outside and connect with your loved ones. (I find myself laughing more when I’m outdoors. How about you?)

I’m thankful for the teacher who said yes when this mom full of daydreams asked if she was up for gardening. A community-supported schoolyard habitat project grew out of that conversation. We created an outdoor classroom! If you can dream it, you can do it. Believe. BEGIN!

As Debi noted, nature hosts many splendors. Which ones bring YOU joy?