New Book Celebrates the “Living Waters of Texas”

For more than a decade, we at the National Wildlife Federation have worked with the Texas Living Waters Project to ensure that Texas water law will keep rivers, streams, estuaries, springs, and aquifers healthy and productive for rare whooping cranes and many other wildlife that depend on healthy Texas waters.

Finding the right balance to manage fresh water resources for our states’ growing population and its wildlife is one of the most critical issues facing Texas today. The Texas Living Waters Project works to reform the way Texas manages and uses its fresh water for people and wildlife. Although we’ve come far, the job is not done.

Living Waters of Texas Book CoverThe Living Waters of Texas

Aimed to highlight the importance of Texas waters, Texas A&M University Press published The Living Waters of Texas in October. Complete with stunning photographs and essays from influential Texas conservation leaders, the book is a celebration of the lifeblood that has sustained Texas’s natural heritage.

From the Publisher:

“In ten impassioned essays, veteran Texas environmental advocates and conservation professionals step outside their roles as lawyers, lobbyists, administrators, consultants, and researchers to write about water. Their personal stories of what the springs, rivers, bottomlands, bayous, marshes, estuaries, bays, lakes, and reservoirs mean to them and to our state come alive in the landscape photography of Charles Kruvand.”

The Living Waters of Texas includes essays from two National Wildlife Federation staff, Susan Kaderka, regional executive director of NWF’s South Central Regional Center, and Myron Hess, the head of our Texas Living Waters program.

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Specially-Bound Collector’s Editions are also available with a gift of $500 to our Texas Living Waters program. For more information, please contact Zach Horton at ellis [at] nwf [dot] org.

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