UPDATE – Canadian PM’s White House Visit Stirs Controversy Over Dirty Energy

President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will meet Friday and “clean energy” is reportedly on the agenda according to the Canadian Broadcasting Company.  More likely to come up however is dirty energy from tar sands.  A decision on the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is probably only weeks away after all. The maligned project would lock the U.S. into decades of dirty tar sands oil from Canada. Tar sands emits far more pollution than conventional crude and its toxic tailings regularly kill wildlife.

UPDATE – 86 groups representing millions of Americans write President Obama to stop Keystone XL. PDF HERE – letter_to_Obama_opposing_KXL_2-4-11.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is likely to pitch more Canadian dirty fuel to the U.S. in his meeting with President Obama. (Image from WordPress.com)

Canadian tar sands pipeline giant TransCanada seems to be prepping the way.  In a press release yesterday, they are spinning hard a report by the U.S. Department of Energy that assumes the mad rush to exploit Canadian tar sands will continue unabated. Meanwhile, they’re wishing the report they submitted to the Canadian Energy Board saying the Midwest will pay more for oil as a result of the pipeline, will go away.
Contrary to popular belief, Canada remains one of the main obstacles to clean energy on the global stage. Canada’s investments in fossil fuels has made it a pariah at U.N. climate talks, where it generally obstructs progress. The country has been unwilling to commit to necessary reductions in carbon emissions, mainly owing to their aspiration to become a tar sands super power. Canada swept the most “Fossil” awards during the last round of talks in Cancun in December.

You can help stop the rush to tar sands that threatens wildlife and our clean energy future by sending a message to President Obama.  Take action here!  

If you have a Twitter account, please sign our online petition to President Obama, urging him to oppose the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline: http://act.ly/31n