Citizens Protest Rep. Thompson’s Vote for Polluters

Pennsylvania residents gather outside of Rep. Glenn Thompson's district office Wednesday to denounce his votes against environmental protection. (Credit: Perry)

Pennsylvania Constituents Demand Clean Air and Water

Pennsylvania residents gathered outside of Representative Glenn Thompson’s district office in Bellefonte on Wednesday, showing him not to forget his constituents back home who value clean air, clean water, and clean energy.

Thompson voted for polluters last week on an extreme and reckless GOP spending bill filled with oilmarks that would add tons of hazardous air pollution and mercury emissions to the air we breathe.

National Wildlife Federation’s Ed Perry reported nearly 70 people in attendance to protest Congressman Thompson’s attacks on the EPA and his votes to weaken protections for clean air and water. Many community members attended and spoke at the event, including Penn State Eco Action club members, a 25-year military veteran, Pennsylvania sportsmen, and the mayor of State College. Individuals held signs reading “Protect our Children’s Health” and “Let the EPA do it’s Job”.

Perry, who helped organize the event, expressed outrage on behalf of his fellow citizens:

The citizens of Centre County have had it with our Congressman voting against clean air and water.  He had a chance to show his true colors and support an amendment attached to the continuing resolution that would have cut taxpayer subsidies to oil companies, but he didn’t do it.  He would rather cut the budget of EPA who is trying to develop rules to lessen carbon pollution, reduce the amount of mercury in the air, and protect our water.”

Citizens hold signs supporting clean air and water in front of Thompson's office (Credit: Perry)
NWF's Ed Perry holds the megaphone as Penn State Eco Action Club President Kelley Cressman speaks (Credit: Chris Perry)