Got Snow? Track Animals in Your Neighborhood!

15 Minutes Outside by rebecca CohenThis blog is the second in a monthly series from author of 15 Minutes Outside and Be Out There mom, Rebecca P. Cohen of Rebecca Plants LLC.

Depending on where you live, right now there may be snow, ice, or mud. Regardless of the weather conditions, we can all have fun when it comes to noticing wildlife.

Here’s an idea for outdoor adventure any day of the week and in any weather: TRACK AN ANIMAL!

“We all know about finding tracks, but what about following them? It sounds slightly scary and exciting at the same time. My five-year-old and I followed some tracks in the deep snow that led around a path; they looked like small boot prints. After following the tracks into the woods we came upon a spot where the snow was cleared and there was lots of deer scat. That’s when we realized that the tracks must have been from a herd of deer! We couldn’t wait to trek back home and tell the rest of the family about our adventure.” Excerpt from 15 Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with your Kids by Rebecca P. Cohen (Sourcebooks, March 2011)

Our family has followed raccoon prints in mud, squirrel prints in ice, and deer and dog tracks in the snow. If you don’t see any tracks, get your boots on and create your own! Take turns making paths for one another to follow.

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