NWF and Ohio clean air advocates from across the state gathered outside the Columbus, Ohio office of Congressman Steve Stivers this week to protest his recent vote to decimate the Environmental Protection Agency and expose Ohioans and wildlife to higher levels of pollution.

Ohio Stivers Rally
Ohio activists rally outside of Congressman Stivers' office

Thirty individuals carrying signs with slogans that included “It’s Only Fair We Have Clean Air,” and “Congressman Stivers Opposes Clean Air?” lined the busy street for an hour chanting and engaging with those who passed by.

Some supporters wore surgical masks demonstrating the fact that they will need protection from the dirty air that could result from passage of this bill.  The NBC affiliate station for Columbus was on hand to do an on-camera interview and capture the enthusiasm of the advocates.

Call your Congressional Member today to express your disapproval of the attack on clean air, wetlands and wildlife!

By casting a vote in favor of the proposed Continuing Resolution in the US House, Congressman Stivers (OH-15) supported a sneak attack on clean air, wetlands and wildlife.

He and many other Congressional Members used the Continuing Resolution budget bill to force the adoption of an amendment prohibiting the EPA from limiting carbon pollution under the Clean Air Act.

“Congressman Stivers turned his back on the health of Ohioans and the wildlife habitats we cherish by supporting a bill that slashes funding for programs that protect clean air, clean water and wildlife,” said Tracy Sabetta, Ohio Outreach Coordinator for NWF.

Following the rally, NWF activists and clean air advocates piled into the district office to present handmade cards with personal messages for Congressman Stivers.

Ohio activist rallies for clean air
An Ohio activist rallies outside of the Congressman's office for clean air
Ohio activists rally for clean air
Keep our air clean! Activists wear masks illustrating the dangers of dirty air