My Dog Princess

Do you have a dog that sheds his winter coat leaving clumps of fur all over your house?  I have a Shepard/Akita that is shedding like crazy at this time of year. I gave her a good brushing in the yard a few days ago, and today I noticed that the piles of fur I got off her were disappearing from my yard. Wasn’t sure where they went since we haven’t had much wind lately.

I then noticed several birds scooping up the clumps fur and using it to line their spring nests in the trees in my yard.  Who knew??? What a great way to recycle dog fur.

Mystery solved!

So next time your dog needs a good brushing, do it in your backyard and help our feathered friends. Keep your house clean and bird’s nests cozy for eggs and newborn chicks, a win win for all!

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Published: March 25, 2011