Video – Asian Carp Problem Is No Laughing Matter

A head in the sand results in sand in the eyes, which explains the short sighted efforts to prevent Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes.

A friend of mine forwarded this video clip since he knows that NWF is pushing hard to protect the Great Lakes from the devastating impacts of Asian carp. No stranger to this issue, both he and I were saddened at the humor that these fishermen expressed in this clip.


It reminded me of the numerous television specials this holiday weekend exploring the extreme weather patterns that the world has endured in recent years that did not confirm the obvious reasons for the warming planet. Frankly, I’m still perplexed by the rampant denial on the causes behind this and the potential Asian carp invasion.

The head in the sand approach explains the Corps of Engineers’ attempts to delay building permanent barriers to stop Asian carp in their tracks. We all understand the impacts that this would have on the health of the Great Lakes and its economy.

It’s ludicrous to be sure but sometimes people have to get hit in the head before they “get it” and as this video clip shows, one of the fishermen does in fact get hit in the head. I say we put a dozen or so of those responsible for the inaction on stopping Asian carp in a motor boat and send them down the Mississippi River. If we can’t convince them to move quickly on a permanent solution to halt these flying fish, let the carp do it….