Wednesday – House and Senate Attack Clean Air – Take Action!

Today the Senate is scheduled to vote on a series of polluter-backed amendments to the Clean Air Act. While the details differ, all these amendments have one thing in common – they aim to block or eliminate parts of the Act that would start the long-delayed process of rolling back the carbon pollution that will bring misery to millions through profound climate disruption. Meanwhile, the House, where Big Oil exerts a tighter grip, is expected to pass Rep. Fred Upton’s bill to roll back the Clean Air Act.  

 Take Action. Call your Senators NOW.

The vehicle is a largely unrelated bill from Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) regarding small business, S. 493. Here’s the rundown:
  • The Complete Denial of Science version: is the Upton-Inhofe amendment that stops the Clean Air Act in its tracks and permanently from taking on the threat of carbon pollution (McConnell #183),
  • The coal-industry favors delay version aims to block action on carbon pollution for two years – as if we have haven’t waited long enough (Rockefeller #215),
  • The industrial agriculture loophole bill exempts pollution from that sector (Baucus #236) from action by EPA,
  • The muzzle the EPA for two years bill by Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) would suspend EPA from regulating carbon pollution from stationary sources like power plants and refineries for two years (#277).

Although none of these amendments are expected to garner 60 votes needed by Senate rules to overcome a filibuster, this is an exercise in politics, testing out messages and legislative language that will get wrapped into budget bills, forcing much higher-stakes showdowns in the future.

We need to send a strong signal that the Clean Air Act is not a political football and we won’t sacrifice the air we breathe as a favor to special interests. You can help. Take Action Now!!

IMAGE from Think Progress – Congress took millions from polluters. Today special interests are looking for a return on their investment.