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Field Highlights: “Your Mama Would Be Proud”

While for most Mother’s Day meant paying homage to our mothers and grandmothers, for the NWF activists in Montana & Michigan it meant participating in a stroller brigade for stronger clean air protections for their kids.

In Missoula, Montana parents & their kids took to the street outside Senators Baucas’ and Testers office to thank them for their support for stronger EPA regulations.

In Lansing, Michigan nurses & mothers gathered for a stroller brigade at the capitol. Click here to find out more about the stroller brigades

Thank you to all of our wonderful activists who helped protect their children’s future by supporting the Clean Air Act!

Want to know how you can fight for Cleaner Air?

In Ohio, the “We Love Our Parks, We Love Clean Water” event brought conservationist together for a “camp in” on the statehouse front lawn. These conservationists were protesting the drilling proposals in Ohio state parks.

“How can our lawmakers simultaneously protect and exploit our state parks? Our parks and preserves should forever remain a refuge for people and wildlife, not happy drilling grounds for big oil and gas companies.”

Hot Off the Press:

“Brown was the only Republican to vote not once but twice against the health of the people of Massachusetts, approving of both EPA-crippling bills. People’s health is at stake and Congress should bolster that instead of catering to the polluters lobby. Senator Scott Brown should focus on what is best for the people of Massachusetts, not what polluters want.” (to read more…)

–This Editorial was written by Carol Oldham, our Northeast Regional Outreach Coordinator, and published in Southcoast Today.  This editorial criticizes Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) for voting against Clean Air.

Upcoming Events:

Join NWF staff members at the Mercury & Air Toxics Public Hearings Tuesday and Thursday! The EPA is hosting a public hearing in Philadelphia, Chicago & Atlanta to discuss the proposed mercury & air toxics standards. 

Get Involved!

NWF members & staff will submit testimony and show their support for strict regulation standards. If you’re interested in attending or want more information, please contact me at