Snap and Share! Celebrate Nature Photography Day With NWF

Tree frog in South Africa by Charl Roux
Charl Roux photographed this tree frog in South Africa and entered it in the Amateur division of last year’s National Wildlife Photo Contest.

Wednesday, June 15th is Nature Photography Day – a day to explore nature through a camera lens and celebrate photos that inspire us to conserve wildlife and wild places.

I have always loved nature photos, and only recently got into learning how to photograph the great outdoors, myself. I’m still trying to get past the need to consult my camera manual each time, but you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy taking pictures, and nature offers a generous variety of subject matter.

Second only to the challenge and fun of snapping the photos, my favorite thing about nature photography is sharing pictures. You may find that other photographers have pictures of unique wildlife and places that you’ve never seen before or vice versa! Many of the 41st annual National Wildlife Photo Contest entrants have opted to make their entries publicly shareable, and there are already so many amazing images to browse.

So, on June 15th I’m taking a little extra time to peruse the scenery and wildlife on the trail behind National Wildlife Federation’s headquarters – probably while muttering “smaller f-stop equals more light” over and over – and I’ll share my results!


Lake Matheson by Michael Adler
Lake Matheson in New Zealand, taken by Michael Adler

IMPORTANT UPDATE — We’ve been experiencing technical difficulties on our National Wildlife’s PhotoZone Facebook page.

If you are having trouble seeing items on our wall or uploading photos, you can share your photos with our National Wildlife Magazine Flickr group.

Please feel free to share your photos with us year round, but if you share this week in honor of Nature Photography Day, please tag your photos “NaturePhotoDay-NWM11“.

Thanks for your patience!

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