Which Photo Wins? You Decide!

This year’s National Wildlife Photo Contest launched with a lot of new features, but what I’m most excited about is the ability for everyone to share and vote for their favorite entries. The photo with the most votes will get a People’s Choice Award, and be featured in National Wildlife® magazine and NWF’s website. It’s been a close race between the top contenders.

Here are the three photos currently in the lead:

Red panda by Bob Marone
This red panda, photographed by Bob Marone at the Turtle Back Zoo in New Jersey, is in first place.
Raccoons in a tree by Michael Downer
A very close second is this cluster of baby raccoons. Michael Downer snapped this photo in his Florida neighborhood.
Osprey by Helen Steussy
In third place is an osprey returning from a successful fishing trip, taken by Helen Steussy.

The top six photos will go into the final round of People’s Choice Award voting on August 1, 2011. Voters will then have through August 14, 2011 to choose the winner from those six finalists. There’s over two months of voting time left, so I’m really curious to see which photo will come out on top.

Visit www.nwf.org/photocontest to vote for other amazing photos — or enter and share your own for a chance to win!