10 Amazing Slow-Motion Animal Videos

Wildlife sightings are often fleeting, leaving you wishing for more. If only there was a way to slow down time, to fully take in the majesty of the moment.

Thank goodness for YouTube! (Never thought I’d say that.) We’ve scoured the Internet and found these ten awesome slow-mo videos of wild animals.

1. Hungry Great White Shark

The movie Jaws gave this creature a bad reputation, but in reality Great White Sharks aren’t vicious man-eating beasts. The seal community may have a reason to complain, however. (Note: Definitely wait for the third clip of the shark breaching. It’s the best.)


2. Adorable Chipmunk

New discovery: Cuteness increases as speed decreases. A chipmunk washing his face in slow-motion proves to be utterly compelling video.

(Note: We don’t advocate trying to hold a chipmunk, but this little guy is being held very gently.)


3. Graceful Northern Goshawk

Watch this amazing bird fly through smaller and smaller holes in slow motion. This dexterity helps it dodge tree branches as it cruises through the forest.


4. Blood-Sucking Mosquito

Watch its underbelly swell up and turn red. All I have to say is …  AAAAAH!


5. Magestic Eagle Owl Coming Right At You

This is the video we saw first that inspired this blog post. Pure awesomeness.


6. Hopping Frog

The grainy, academic quality to this video makes it special in an old-school way. Also, don’t you wish you could jump like that?


7. Hunting Cheetah

This is cool, but if you have a weak stomach you might want to press stop before the 1 minute, 20 second mark. Just a warning.


8. Fly-Eating Damsel Fly

This guy accidentally filmed a big bug eating a little bug. I’m just amazed that he noticed!


9. Thirsty Hummingbird

If you watch this video too long, you will definitely fall into a hypnotic state.


10.  Fastest Man Alive

Hey — humans are animals, too! But watching Usain Bolt run this 100-meter dash makes me wonder if he is actually related to a cheetah.


Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments, or share videos we’ve missed!

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Published: September 13, 2011