5 Great Animal Migrations on YouTube

It’s fall in North America and many animals have begun their trek to seek warmer climates. In honor of wildlife’s big move, settle in for a little arm-chair wildlife watching with these YouTube migration videos. These aren’t just North American fall migrations — these animals walk, crawl, swim and fly at all times of year and for many different reasons. Enjoy!

Note: Apologies for the ads at the start of some of these videos. I promise it’s worth the wait! 

1. Lobsters Marching Away From Stormy Waters

The combination of the soldier-like crustaceans, David Attenborough’s narration, and the heroic orchestral music make this one of my favorite migration movies. Brace yourself, though, for one scene that shows a spiny lobster meeting a gruesome end at the hands (fins?) of a trigger fish.


2. Wildebeests — Millions of Them — Migrating in East Africa

In the spring, 1.5 million wildebeests join zebras and other animals to walk across the Serengeti to escape drought. The females make the 1000-mile trip just after giving birth!


3. Monarch Butterflies — They Fly 50-80 Miles Per Day

Can you believe 300 million monarchs fly 2,500 miles to Southern California and Mexico? No wonder they hibernate once they get there. (Oprah narrates this one!)


4. Thousands of Noisy Snow Geese

Though not a true video, I like this narrated photo slide show about the North American snow geese migration. Informative!


5. Eels Slithering to Sea

Here’s one that shows migrating eels getting tricked by a predator: humans! I’m glad the fishermen let the big ones make it to the ocean.


Certify Your Garden as a Wildlife HabitatYou can help migrating animals by turning your yard in a haven for wildlife. Certify your habitat!