A New Way to Give to Wildlife: Shift My Gift


Within a week or so of joining NWF, I was handed one of my first projects: Help promote shiftmygift.com. While I was a bit nervous to take on a brand new project so soon, I was relieved to learn that Shift My Gift (SMG) was just about as new as I was! SMG launched August 15th of this year and has started to change the way people donate to non-profit organizations – and how they celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

The Background Story

Shift My Gift was founded by two brothers Blair and Kirk Souder. During a trip to Nepal, Blair realized just how little the native people had, yet how content they seemed. Upon returning to the states, he decided we needed a way to turn gifts into something more meaningful– and thus shiftmygift.com was born.

Here at NWF, we are honored to be chosen as one of the first non-profits featured on the site. In my excitement, I’ve told many friends and family members about it. Each person responded with something along the lines of “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?” and then went on to exclaim how they would love to have a more meaningful gift option to give their loved ones. One of my friends mentioned how this would be great for her Dad, an NWF supporter, bird enthusiast, and “the guy who already has everything.”

SMG would also solve the problem of those unwanted gifts you receive every year. Instead of another gift cluttering up your house, why not ask for loved ones to support your favorite non-profit?

Hmm, I Think I Like This Idea. Now How Does It Work?

Signing up for Shift My Gift is really simple, really. In fact, you probably already know more than you think. Here are quick steps:

  1. Go to www.shiftmygift.com and create an account.
  2. Once you have an account, you can create an “occasion.” An occasion can be anything from your birthday, to a holiday, or even a wedding/gift registry – feel free to be creative!
  3. Choose the non-profit(s) you would like your loved ones to donate to in your honor.
  4. Send your occasion via email or social network to your friends, family, etc. and ask that they “shift your gift” this year.

Your Occasion Matters

The best part is that 100% of the donations you receive go directly to the National Wildlife Federation or the non-profit of your choice. SMG charges a $1.49 processing fee per donation, which helps to cover their operating costs. However, this is easily offset by the savings in gas, wrapping paper, and overall time spent at stores and malls. Here at NWF we love anything environmentally friendly!

With the holidays steadily approaching, I’m thinking of ways in which I can “shift gifts” this year. How will you shift your gift?

P.S.: One NWF-er shifted her birthday gifts before shiftmygift.com was even invented. In 2009, Danielle Brigida raised $825 for NWF in honor of her special occasion!

This post is by Crystal Simmel, the Online Marketing Coordinator for NWF’s internet team. She works to increase engagement and provide a better user experience through website ads, optimized search results, and various other tools. While not at work, she enjoys traveling, hiking, and DIY projects.

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Published: October 31, 2011