Top 5 Halloween Happenings at NWF Seattle

The crisp, fall air and brilliant reds and oranges of fall in Seattle make it absolutely impossible not to get outside and enjoy the season. In honor of Seattle’s late-October natural wonders, we decided to share our Top 5 Halloween Happenings. Tell us about your Halloween-themed adventures on Facebook, in the comments below, or on Twitter! Thanks for reading!

1. My, what pretty spiders we have

Big and small with eight legs they crawl.

Building their webs, one and all.

As insect controllers, they’ve got clout,

and make lovely window decoration, no doubt.

Don’t believe me? It’s really not a trick.

Check out this flick from our own Patty Glick!


2. This unlucky lady missed the best coffee around

Just down the street from our office is Vienna Mae Coffee– a delicious coffeestand with one of the most friendly small business owners and baristas you will ever meet. If we walk slowly enough and bring our lunches, a trip to this coffeestand can be our daily Green Hour. Locally-roasted, (usually) fair-trade, and (usually) organic coffee beans are transformed into delectable espresso treats. Add a scone or vegan cookie and you’re set! At least until tomorrow… 

Wicked Witch of the East doll beneath a Seattle coffeestand
All she wanted was a decent latte! Well...maybe her intentions were more Oz-dominating than that...

  3. It doesn’t take a full moon to transform this lovely creature

Polyphemus Moth caterpillar
Spectacular specimen!

Becky McIntire found this beautiful caterpillar crawling across her driveway one morning. A quick email to Butterflies and Moths of North America and the identity of this small wonder was revealed: Antheraea polyphemus! This Polyphemus Moth caterpillar lives a solitary life, and might be found in oak, willow, maple, or birch trees. It also likes urban areas, so keep an eye out for one in your driveway! And check out an image of the adult Polyphemus Moth on Google – it has large, round, black markings on its wings that look like eyes. Maybe even eyes peering out from that Haunted House you’re thinking of visiting… 


4. What’s Halloween without a trip to the pumpkin patch?!

 Being near several river valleys and deltas, Seattle is surrounded by breathtaking and productive farmland. Just forty minutes north in Snohomish County, Rianne BeCraft and Patricia Tillmann explored two (yes, two!) different pumpkin patches in preparation for Halloween festivities. Check out our pictures from the corn maze and pumpkin patch here and tell us what you think on our Facebook site

Looking down a row of 8 foot tall corn in a corn maze in Snohomish County, WA
Answer the questions about endangered species correctly to find your way through the Stocker Farms corn maze!


8 ft. corn row and cloudy blue sky
An absolutely stunning day at The Farm's corn maze and pumpkin patch.

Field of pumpkins
Find your perfect pumpkin!

   5. Raiders of the Lost (Candy) Ark

Straight out of Indiana Jones, this pale visitor stopped by the office to enlist his dear friend Bodhi’s help. Bodhi is the best protector of the Candy Ark out there, and as you can see, he’s the only line of defense between us and the Candy Ark. Fortunately, Bodhi has a kind disposition and has allowed us to sample the candy if we will do him the honor of watching a trick. We are only too happy to oblige!

Fake skeleton with candy bin and dog
Bodhi and his friend say Boo!! Bodhi does the tricks and if you're brave, you get the treat!

 All images courtesy of NWF Pacific Regional Center – Seattle staff. Thanks! 

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