Bugs and Birds Go Boo! Halloween at the National Wildlife Federation

There’s a real bad bug going around the National Wildlife Federation’s headquarters, but it isn’t the flu. Amid candy, cupcakes and unsuspecting coworkers, NWF staff decked themselves out in their favorite wildlife and environmental-themed costumes.

Wild-for-Animals Costumes

Dr. Doug Inkley, NWF's resident stink bug expert (and Senior Scientist), is this year's winner of the best overall costume. (Photo: Carla Brown)

Read Dr. Inkley’s harrowing home invasion horror stories, starring stink bugs. We also had some smiling angry birds on display:

Megan Isom, Elise Catchings and Gretchen Hannes dressed up as Angry Birds, in keeping with the theme of their upcoming bird-related mobile app. (Photo: Carla Brown)

Halloween Energy, Generated by Candy and Creativity

The most frightening specter wasn’t the stink bug. The biggest scare came from Anne Senft, our vice president of membership and online philanthropy for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

If built, this pipeline could haunt all of us with pollution for a very long time. (Photo: Carla Brown)

Fortunately, a clean, renewable energy costume put the pipeline in its place:

NWF Senior Web Developer and resident beekeeper David Ruckman sported a functioning wind turbine to blow the pollution away. (Photo: Carla Brown)

The folks in the Reston headquarters office weren’t the only ones scaring up some fun for All Hallows Eve. Check out the Halloween happenings in our Seattle office.

Did you go boo for wildlife this Halloween? Check out some of our Facebook friends who found some creative ways to connect with nature with their costumes.

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Published: November 2, 2011