Are You Game for the Asian Carp Invasion?

Out-compete native fish and attack boaters as an Asian carp in Invasion!! (Screen capture)
Flying fish are flooding the Great Lakes, terrorizing boaters, anglers and native species. Asian carp are infiltrating the region, becoming a silvery, bigheaded  menace underwater and in the air.  Now, these invasive fish are infiltrating the world of video games.

Invasion!! , a video game by the MacArthur Foundation, lets gamers play as a villainous Asian carp infesting the Great Lakes. As a member of this invasive species, players steal food from native fish like perch, jump in the air and knock screaming boaters and birds into the water.

Work as the Carp Czar to stop Asian carp in Invasion!! (Screen capture)

But, for every villain there is a hero, and Invasion!!  lets gamers play both characters. After wrecking watery havoc , players become the Carp Czar fighting to keep these invaders out of Lake Michigan. The Czar can do research, use poison, build fences, bubble barriers and other items to stop the carp. But, stopping these fish is a lot harder than being one. In order to succeed, the Carp Czar must gain public approval and support from stakeholders like the media, industries and surrounding states by wisely using a $1,500 budget.

You can help fight these destructive flying fish on screen and off. Click here to protect the Great Lakes from the real Asian carp invasion.