National Association of Evangelicals Releases Document on Climate Change and Impacts on the Poor

The National Association of Evangelicals released a new document on climate change’s impacts on the poor.  Loving the Least of These:  Addressing a Changing Environment covers the science of climate change, its impacts that are affecting everyone but that will hit the poor the hardest, and an ethical framework for engagement for Christians.

This document is an important contribution for Christians seeking to learn more about climate change and act on it.

In the preface, Leith Anderson, President of National Association of Evangelicals, highlights the Christian imperative to care for the poor who are impacted by climate change:

God calls us to care for those who are poor, vulnerable and oppressed. It is the Christian thing to do.


While others debate the science and politics of climate change, my thoughts go to the poor people who are neither scientists nor politicians. They will never study carbon dioxide in the air or acidification of the ocean. But they will suffer from dry wells in the Sahel of Africa and floods along the coasts of Bangladesh. Their crops will fail while our supermarkets are full. They will suffer while we study.

Download the document and read more here.