Leap day is almost here!  Take some time this February 29th to leap into fun with frogs.

Nearly a third of the world’s amphibian species, including frogs, are now threatened. So, take the extra day we get every four years to spend some time showing your appreciation for these amazing amphibians.

Leap Day Activities

Test your knowledge: Take the Leap Day Frog Quiz!

Get creative: Make origami frogs, and have a leaping contest.

Go outside: Build a frog pond.

Challenge yourself: Play the tree frog game.

Find out: What other animals have self-catapulting capabilities?

Learn more: Read about how frogs and toads are threatened by climate change and how new limits to carbon pollution from smokestacks can help.

My origami frog leaped a whole 29 inches!  Use the comments section below to share how far your frog can leap and which frog activities you enjoyed most this Leap Day.