NWF at the Springfield Sportsmen’s Show in MA

Yesterday we set up the National Wildlife Federation booth and got started at the Springfield Sportsmen’s Expo in Springfield MA. Our booth looked great, special thanks to our friends (Jim!) at the Gun Owner’s Action League, who had an extra table and extra bunting they let us borrow.


We are out here talking to sportsmen about carbon and mercury pollution in our air and water. We have moose antlers and jaw bones and are talking about how carbon pollution means more ticks on moose, dogs, and people.

We are also taking comments from sportsmen about industrial carbon pollution to give to the Environmental Protection Agency as they decide whether to try to control carbon pollution.

 And we are talking to fishermen about mercury pollution (which comes out of the smokestacks like carbon before ending up in our water and our fish) and their health.




Favorite things so far:

* The 4 bird dogs across the way from Webfoot Waterfowl Hunting – if only I could be so glad to see each and every person who came by. They gathered a crowd all day.

* The trout pond – that’s right, for 5 bucks you could fish for trout in the expo center. We kept seeing kids go by with trout they had caught.




What I am looking forward to tomorrow:

  • Must get to the retriever tank! What I hope it will look like is a big see through tank where you can see the dogs as they leap in to retrieve… whatever it is they go after.
  • Fried dough. I love all that carnival type food, I cannot lie.

So come find us! We are in booth 258 in the better living building (right near the trout pond). We are giving away bumper stickers, taking comments, and generally having a great time.