Electric cars: It’s time to put our foot down …on the accelerator

The Ford Focus electric (Photo: Ford)
We’re well into the political “silly season” so perhaps it’s not so surprising that we’re seeing a rash of EV naysaying in the press.  But it’s particularly crazy now,  when cities, consumers, automakers, energy and appliance companies are steaming ahead to roll out electric vehicles (and a host of other new technology innovation that surrounds them) all across the country.

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Here at NWF we’ve recently been part of the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Dialogue Group — a broad group of companies, utilities, NGO’s and government involved in  EVs  and convened by C2ES. At a a recent event the group released a joint action plan to help ensure consumers can smoothly fuel cars with electricity. The event is a great jumping off place to get a look at the latest news about EVs…

Why are so many people and industries excited about EV’s? Try this podcast! Nick Nigro of C2ES chats with me and Watson Collins of Northeast Utilities.  We’re talking about the PEV event, but also discussing why the technology is exciting today (cheaper electric rates, $1/gallon fill ups, JARVIS), so tune in.

Check out the event on the web, or on storify to see what participants had to say. Or check out the Action Plan itself if you’re interested in the details.

What’s happening now on EVs?

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What about…? Click on the links below to see what the many PEV Dialogue Group members are doing on EVs – and remember,  we’re just a slice of the many consumers, cities, auto companies, electric utilities, NGO’s and local governments involved in this transportation transformation.

Electricity isn't just for cars. US companies are building and using electric trucks and delivery vehicles as well. (Photo: NTEA)
A123 Systems
Argonne National Laboratory
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
Better Place
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
City of Raleigh, NC
U.S. Department of Energy
Edison Electric Institute (EEI)
Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA)
Electrification Coalition
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
General Electric
General Motors
Georgetown Climate Center
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission*
Johnson Controls Inc.
Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Michigan Public Service Commission*
National Wildlife Federation
North Carolina Department of Transportation
Northeast Utilities System
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
NRG Energy
PJM Interconnection
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Rocky Mountain Institute
Southern California Edison
U.S. Department of Transportation
University of Delaware
Washington State Department of Transportation

*The role of these group members must be limited to technical contribution because of their organizational function
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