3 Tips for a Fun Community Clean-up Day


Here’s a quick, fun way to get families outside this spring. Invite your neighbors for a community clean-up!

In our neighborhood, folks shared their yard tools and gave each other gardening tips, while parents and kids cleaned up trash from the nearby stream. Find out three tips to improve your community clean-up by watching my video diary:


Some photos from our clean-up:

Picking up trash at our neighborhood clean-up
Here's all the trash we collected, including this baby stroller and styrofoam grave from Halloween - all in a nearby stream!
Picking up trash in the stream behind our house
Daughter and father cooperate on trash pick-up

Have you organized a community clean-up in your area? What worked for you?

If you enjoy organizing community events, you might enjoy our Community Wildlife Habitat program where you encourage your neighbors to garden for wildlife.

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