NWF Featured in “Best of Martha Stewart”

As National Wildlife Federation’s naturalist and media personality, I’ve been appearing on Martha Stewart’s daily talk show since 2005 to get her many viewers excited about protecting wildlife and joining NWF.
During my most recent appearance, I brought on a variety of black and white animals, including a Vietnemese potbellied pig that decided to poop all over the table in the middle of the segment.  It was pretty hilarious, but hey,  a pig’s gotta do what a pig’s gotta do.

Sadly, the current incarnation of Martha’s show has come to a close after seven seasons.  The crew just finished their last episode,  and in celebration they’ve released a video showing some bloopers from this final season–and my segment with the pooping pig made it into the final cut!

You can watch the blooper reel here.

Martha, if you’re reading this, it’s been an honor and a lot of fun to be your guest over the years.  Thanks for helping to spread NWF’s conservation message to your many fans.



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Published: April 25, 2012