Enjoying a rare quiet moment in the Augusta Civic Center
We spent last weekend talking with hunters and anglers (and hikers and boaters) at the annual Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM) show in the Augusta civic center. It was a great, long weekend of fun!

We gave out a couple thousand Ranger Rick, Animal Baby, and Big Backyard magazines as well as copies of our On Thin Ice report, which is about how warm winters are impacting sporting traditions. We even had a Maine-specific NWF fact sheet about warm winter impacts, written by Eric Orff, a Game and Fish Commission member and retired wildlife biologist.

We had a massive moose antler and some moose jaws with ages on them, which started lots of conversations about the decline in moose numbers and the issues with increasing tick numbers really hitting moose hard, especially the calves.
We asked folks to sign comment cards to go to the Environmental Protection Agency to ask them to protect brook trout and other species (including humans) from air pollution like carbon and mercury that come out of smokestacks of coal fired power plants. You can take action here to add your voice to the tens of thousands who have already spoken up!