Ten “Foxy and I Know It” Photos

There’s no doubt about it. Foxes are handsome animals. If you need convincing, just take a look at this video clip of a gorgeous Arctic Fox that National Wildlife Federation naturalist, David Mizejewski, recently brought to the Martha Stewart Show. (Hint: The fox follows the penguin, another fine-looking critter, at about 1 minute 30 seconds.)

Then, enjoy the following “foxy” photos that were donated by past participants in the National Wildlife® Photo Contest. To enter your photos in the contest or see winners of previous years, visit the contest site.


Photographer: Kelly Lyon   Location: Boulder, CO
Photographer: Howard Witkin   Location: Boulder, CO
Photographer: Dan Walters   Location: Wheat Ridge, CO


Photographer: Nil Eren   Location: Barrow, AK
Photographer: Donna Carr Location: Pribilofs, AK


Photographer: Ryan Weishalla Location: Leroy, IL
Photographer: William Wiley Location: South of Lincoln, NE
Photographer: Suzanne Rogers Location: Fort Wayne IN


Photographer: Jim Brown   Location: Shirley Basin, WY
Photographer: Sandra J. Brierley Location: Grand Teton National Park

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